Frequently Asked Questions

Our volunteers shop for and deliver essential items to neighbors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (CDC’s best practices for limiting exposure and spread of the virus).

This project hopes to fill some basic needs during this pandemic period of concern:

  • Allow affected neighbors to stay home, by fetching supplies they need
  • Reduce/slow the spread of infection
  • Offer encouragement and human contact during a time of “social distancing” and isolation

The Client is expected to cover the cost of purchased items (at time of delivery), but the delivery is at no additional cost.

Denver Delivery Network is a Nonprofit Corporation registered with the State of Colorado, EIN 85-0523608.

  • A neighbor needing assistance contacts us by filling out our form or by calling 970-316-4036
  • A volunteer will call the neighbor, then shops for and delivers the items on a best-effort basis.
  • The neighbor reimburses the cost of the items to the volunteer via Venmo, Zelle, cash, or SNAP.
  • DDN requires volunteers follow specific contact protocols which are based on CDC Guidelines
  • Contact protocols cover general behavior, shopping, and delivering items to a neighbor.
  • Venmo and Zelle are “digital wallet” services which can be installed as apps on your smartphone or computer, which allow a person to transfer money directly to another person
  • We are favoring the use of these services to reimburse volunteers, in order to reduce person-to-person contact, per CDC Guidelines.
  • If you would like assistance setting up Venmo or Zelle for yourself, please contact us; we will arrange for a volunteer to work with you.
  • We are a group of neighbors helping neighbors, and not currently set up to offer financial assistance.
  • While DDN is not primarily addressing financial needs, we can refer to other organizations who have such resources.
  • We take safeguarding Clients’ and Volunteers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) seriously.
  • For this project, we are treating the following info as Client PII:
    • Client name (client is not required to provide full legal name)
    • Client phone number
    • Client address 
    • Client list of requested items
  • For this project, we are treating the following as Volunteer PII:
    • Volunteer name (volunteer is asked to provide first and last name)
    • Volunteer phone number
    • Volunteer email address
    • Volunteer home address (volunteer is not required to provide home address, but is required to provide home zip code)
  • Only a few persons (Dispatchers) in DDN will have access to all orders (which contain Client PII).
  • For a specific Client Request, PII is only seen by the Dispatcher and the Runner handling the order.
  • Our Volunteer Agreement (which must be accepted by all volunteers) includes protecting any/all Client and/or Volunteer information as Confidential, not sharing it publicly.
  • Only a few persons (Personnel Coordinators) in DDN have access to all Volunteer info.
  • DDN uses Slack for internal communication.  Volunteers can choose their own “display name”, and do not have to share phone, email or any other PII with other DDN members.
  • For both Clients and Runners, we recommend turning off global visibility on transactions in Venmo and Zelle. This setting can be found under Settings -> Privacy, set to Private.

This is a valid question for all organizations claiming to offer assistance during the current crisis.  Here are some points to consider about the Denver Delivery Network (DDN):

  • We are a registered nonprofit corporation with the State of Colorado with EIN 85-0523608.  Verify “Denver Delivery Network” (or any registered organization) here.
  • DDN never asks for money up front, or for credit cards or credit card numbers.  After speaking with the neighbor requesting assistance, our volunteers purchase the items themselves, then get reimbursed after the items (and receipt) have been delivered to the neighbor.  Reimbursement occurs through Venmo or Zelle, which provide safeguards for both parties.  If necessary, cash can also be used to reimburse.

Please fill out our volunteer form; we will contact you as soon as we can to answer your questions and describe next steps.  We require a background check (no cost to you) for every volunteer, which we facilitate.

We need:

  • Runners (to purchase and deliver items)
  • Dispatchers
  • Outreach/Communications coordinators
  • Tech folks (G-Suite, Slack, WordPress)
  • We encourage folks to call their own next door neighbors, especially our sick and vulnerable neighbors, even if they don’t need anything.  Most people appreciate someone calling to say “hi” and check in, since their circumstances may change. If a sick or vulnerable neighbor does need assistance, simply have the neighbor submit a request, or you can submit a request on their behalf.
  • If you’d like to help ‘get the word out’, we’d love to hear from you!  We also want feedback & suggestions.
  • We are actively coordinating with state officials, churches, food banks, news media, social media, Denver Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) and other organizations.  
  • Yes!  We are hoping to expand our coverage, as we get volunteers to cover them
  • We need at least five (5) Runners to cover a neighborhood.  We are currently using Zip Codes (i.e., 80205 for Five Points) to define coverage areas.
  • If you are interested in expanding to a new neighborhood, contact us.
  • Similar projects, based on the Denver Delivery Network, have sprung up already.
  • If you live in Greater Denver, we can possibly just add your neighborhood to the Denver Delivery Network coverage.
  • If you live outside the Greater Denver area, we can provide details on how we set up and organized the Denver Delivery Network.  Please contact us.